Access Bars®


ACCESS BARS® can help you make changes in all aspects of your life easier. 

Individual points are connected to certain parts of your life such as relationships, money, job, health, stress, creativity, etc. 

BARS is 32 points on the head, something like a computer bank of all your thoughts, emotions, feelings, beliefs, which you make and keep in your life.

Method Access Bars® was created in the USA in 1990 and has helped thousands of people since and change their important aspects of their life. 

What if right now is the time for something compeltely different? Something you can chose to let into your life – something softer, more inviting and easier?

 Celkový stav těla a duše se zharmonizuje podle vnitřních priorit klienta.

 The overall state of our mind and body is harmonized based on the inner priorities of the client.

What is going on during the session?

The session itself is between 30-90 minutes. The lenght of the session depends on the client's needs.

The client lays down fully clothed (on e.g., massage table) with their eyes closed. I start the whole process by gently touching various points on the head so that the energy flows and cleans blockages. During the session the client gets into a deep relaxed state. They can feel a flow of energy in their body, see images or other vision. Basic thoughts, feelings and emotions are released. Gradually old blocks and programs we are unconsciously creating are deleted and can no longer hinder our happy lives. Everything that is not useful to us anymore leaves. Our point of view changes and our whole life can change. It can happen that the cient falls asleep, however it does not hinder the whole process.

How can Access Bars® help you?

After Access Bars® session you feel lighter and your mind is more calm. The process enables the flow of energy and clean out blockages that limit you. That leads to a better relationship with your own body, with yourself and other people, with money, etc. and help you gain healthy self confidence and way of life. 

The effects of ACCESS BARS ®

  • releasing of stress, tension and blocks created by negative life situations 
  • getting rid off exhaustion and tiredness, hightens life energy
  • lessening of tension of mind and body
  • creating a feeling of peace and calmness 
  • relaxing of the critical voice in your head, which is especially strong in stressful situations
  • improvement of interpersonal relationships
  • improvement of academic results with children and better cognitive functions of the brain
  • lowering children's hyperactivity 
  • easing of the birth process for pregnant women 
  • improvement of sleep
  • feeling of more energy and relaxation
  • leads to general psychological and physical enhancement 

How many sessions should I do?

Access Bars® sessions should be attended at least three time with 3 weeks time in between them. 

However, you can get them daily, it depends on the client, how fast they want to improve their life for the better. 

What is the price?

  • 5 sessions package = 5000 CZK
  • 3 sessions package = 3900 CZK
  • 1 session = 1600 CZK